Graphic Design Specialist

Multiskilled designer with over 10 years' experience




Nadia Jin

Multiskilled designer with over 10 years’ experience working in design capital cities such as London, Paris and Milan and Lisbon.

Proven track record working with international companies as in-house and freelance professional from engineering consultancy to fashion, web design to graphics areas.

Proficient working in Mac and PC with Adobe and Acrobat Creative products.


“I am a very social and engaging individual with passion for sports, travelling, camping and outdoor activities. 

Since childhood I’ve been practising sports from swimming to different martial arts. Karate, judo, taichi chuan and swimming were my first passions. Most recently I tried kung fu, arching and shooting and I loved them all not just for the sport themselves but also for what you can learn from them which is discipline and focus. This skills is something I have taken not only to my way of being but also into my professional life.

Last but not least I love spending time with family and friends wherever and whenever I can. This includes family pets by the way!”




Translating the core values of a company into a visual expression for the outside world through marketing communication

PowerPoint specialist

Using moving image and presentations interactivity to win pitches and meetings


Marketing campaigns

Supporting marketing campaigns of various businesses with diverse graphic design disciplines applied to the media

Design strategy


Design strategy is the initial framing of a project that clarifies what to design and why before approaching how to design it. Internal and external factors are analysed to reach a viable outcome through

  • business strategy expression,
  • brand legacy perception,
  • and marketing communications recognition


Starting dates of my

Latest positions

Graphic Designer
At Mott MacDonald
(current position)
Lead Designer
at Poached Creative
Graphic & New Media Designer
Web designer
at 888 Holdings plc


COP21 in Paris a huge success

In 2015, NJ successfully managed and designed Climate Change event COP21 in Paris for Mott MacDonald at the British Embassy. Her work was often praised by their Climate Resilience Director.

UAL acquires magazine for teaching

In 2009, NJ collaborated with Vertigo publications in various issues. These were acquired by the University of the Arts London to teach students to create layouts.

Exceeding company's expectations

In 2012, NJ leading Poached Creative creative team was able to exceed LKMco's expectations by designing and turning around quickly their controversial new report into teachers' views of their unions.​

Business expanding overseas within a year

In 2009, NJ created Tatjana Anika’s brand concept of flattering the women’s body with her beachwear prints. The company expanded overseas within a year due to the campaign’s huge success.

Communication skills gained with graphics

In March, 2010 NJ taught Art and Design at the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester. She used Graphic Design as a method of socialisation with her students, many of whom came from difficult backgrounds.

IPC Media published students works

In July 2009, NJ introduced Typography and Visual Grammar to her students at University of the Arts London. She also provided them training so her students were entitled to undertake IPC Media internships. Some of their work at IPC Media were published as a part of their international publication.


Pierre Lassin
Creative Director at Tatjana Anika

Nadia is an outstanding Graphic Designer with art direction skills who is capable of delivering a high quality of work. In her demanding position she has been able to solve problems with a great level professionalism and dedication within the allocated deadline.Nadia is an absolute delight to work with and is highly respected as colleague and peer.

Tomek Zarebski
Lead Designer at Vertigo Publications

Nadia has collaborated with us in developing various layouts for a number of articles in November 2008. She is a highly motivated person capable of delivering high quality design.Thanks so much for your help. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

Claudia Caeiro
Lead Designer at On Sight - Killine Group

Nadia never ceased to amaze me with her ability to make her creativity turn into profits. Team work is the main factor in achieving a coherent and innovative collection and Nadia perfectly fit into our team by creating some of our best selling products. Her professional and personal skills have been much appreciated by all!

Tamsin Cairns
Graphic Design Teacher Assistant at University of the Arts London

Working alongside Nadia was inspiring; she has endless creativity, motivation and is clearly able to produce high quality design. Happy to teach and share her experiences, she was not only a great help to the students but gave me some very sound advice as well!Thanks so much for your help. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

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