Controversial new report into teachers' views of their unions exceeded LKMco's expectations

In 2012 Nadia Jin leading Poached Creative creative team was able to exceed LKMco's expectations by designing and turning around quickly their controversial new report into teachers' views of their unions.

May 20th 2012

Tatjana Anika becomes an international company within just a few months

In 2009 Nadia Jin created Tatjana Anika’s brand concept of flattering the women’s body with her beachwear prints. The company expanded overseas within a year due to the campaign’s huge success.

Apr 18th 2011

UCA students with difficult background gain technical and communication skills

In March 2010 Nadia Jin taught Art and Design at the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester. She used Graphic Design as a method of socialisation with her students, many of whom came from difficult backgrounds.

Mar 12th 2010

UAL students have their work published in various IPC Media publications

In July 2009 Nadia Jin introduced Typography and Visual Grammar to her students at University of the Arts London. She also provided them training so her students were entitled to undertake IPC Media internships. Some of their work at IPC Media were published as a part of their international publication.

Oct 22nd 2009