Knowledge, Proactivity and Return on Investment

Nadia Jin incorporates in all work her extensive knowledge and experience gained in European design capitals. As a result, she has been able to generate a return on investment (ROI) and secure long-term relationships with her clients. Due to Nadia Jin’s broad understanding of graphic design and its market, companies such as Vertigo Publications Ltd. approached her in 2008 to design various magazine issues. Presently they can be found in the London College of Communication’s library (part of University of the Arts London) for teaching purposes.

High profile clients such as Tatjana Anika have been looking continuously for her services. This particular client first approached her in 2009 not only to design but also to manage projects. Clients such as this have been profiting from her graphic design expertise and art direction skills as their revenue has increased, allowing them to expand from being a national business to an international one. A high level of customer satisfaction has been perceptible, as Nadia Jin has been referred for her good services from one company/client/collaborator to another - e.g., a London College of Communication teacher referred her work to the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester.

Nadia has collaborated with us in developing various layouts for a number of articles in November 2008. She is a highly motivated person capable of delivering high quality design.
Tomek Zarebski, Vertigo Publications Ltd.
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Why pick Nadia Jin?

A good graphic design piece should communicate effectively with a business audience. Transmitting a clear and accurate message is crucial, not only for the company or organization’s marketing purposes but also for sales purposes.

During her career, Nadia Jin has been successfully achieving her clients’ targets. They have put their trust in her for either consultation, art direction or their graphic and web design projects.